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For those who experience panic attacks, it can be rather annoying when even your physician cannot allow you to determine what causes them. As your doctor has likely already described, they don't completely understand the causes of anxiety attacks possibly. Luckily though, there is a great deal which is known about them, and many possibilities regarding their cause. Symptoms vary significantly for different sufferers of panic attacks, also as being very variable. Your attacks are hopefully being managed with the assistance of your doctor. For the large part, this is actually the greatest choice a man can hope for, is to minimize the symptoms and return to your daily routine. Scmnewline Hypotheses for what cause anxiety attacks do exist. First, though, it is essential to understand that a panic attack happens when there you sense danger or a risk, and you perceive that you cannot avoid it. Remember though, that ordinarily this is not a real danger. During an episode, the mind believes this threat to be real. One particular theory states that an attack is simply an inappropriate reaction by the alarm sensing mechanisms to external perceptions. In plain English, these perceptions are believed genuine even if not. Since the head controls the body, your own body responds as if the risk is real, although it is really a false-alarm. There are particular classes of illegal drugs that could cause panic attacks in individuals who are, or may be, susceptible to them. Certain medications have been none to "tip the scales" among folks who are prone to panic attacks. Among the drugs that do this are drugs like cocaine, amphetamines, and grass. When some examples are caused by use and over-use there are several other cases that are the result of withdrawal symptoms. The latter describes Ecstasy withdrawal and is identified as inducing specific panic attack symptoms. It is your responsibility to prevent these unique types of panic attacks. It's really a good idea to discuss these risks with your doctor if you're taking these kinds of drugs. Scmnewline Existing psychological as well as physical conditions can include panic attacks as a symptom of the main medical problem. Anxiety disorders of actual sorts are infamous for causing panic attacks. Take into account the symptoms of panic attacks are quite broad, really, and encompass manifestations throughout the body. Another matter that irritates millions of individuals is that of phobias. There are quite specific types of anxiety disorders in addition to the more generalized sort such as social phobia. Other syndromes include the normal obsessivecompulsive, separation anxiety, and PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. Scmnewline Understandably, those who suffer from anxiety attacks wish to know what cause them. As usually, it does seem to help, the more info you can gather about the nature of these episodes. Try to observe the circumstances in which they occur. Commonalities may arrive within the area they happen, the time or perhaps the weather conditions. Scmnewline Of course, the more you know, the better you are equipped to manage them.
 Anxiety taken to the heightened amount of anxiety attacks can by itself be a disabling disorder...and a scary one. A sufferer of the sneaky ailment never knows when a panic attack will sweep over him or her like a tidal wave. And, the anxiety about having a panic attack only increases the anxiety. But, in addition to this, the sufferer must be extra careful that panic attack symptoms are truly a panic attack and not symptoms of a different more severe disease. Scmnewline Panic attack symptoms can vary from a racing heart, shortness of breath, to pins and needles in the limbs or throughout the body. As stated above the symptoms are frightening - your system goes into an overdrive form of fight or flight. It is as if Godzilla is living and glaring down with mouth open ready to devour you. And, you're panic stricken and suspended. Your heart feels like it will burst from your chest, you can really feel a pressure on your chest, you start to hyperventilate, you get shaky and disoriented, you are convinced you're going to expire
 Sounds terrifying, does not it? Well, that is not the worse part. A real anxiety attack will survive for a particular quantity of time - possibly 10 20 minutes. Should you not over hyperventilate and pass out, your heart begins to slow down, your breathing will stabilize, and you would start to feel relief. What a panic attack sufferer requires to be aware of is that these symptoms might be due to panic attack causes something other than acute stress. This is where anxiety can be like being in murky water - you cannot really see what's happening underneath. Scmnewline There are a lot of illnesses and disorders that have similar symptoms to panic attacks. Illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM), Multiple Sclerosis and Heart Disease can produce a racing heart, pins and needles, pressure or discomfort in the chest, shakiness, and many of other intimidating symptoms. Scmnewline Not being completely certain that the panic attacks are really stress associated panic attacks can be dangerous. A myriad of disabling illnesses such as Heart Disease can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated quickly. An illness such a Multiple Sclerosis can worsen and result in much more disabling signs such as limb weakness, balance issues, eyesight disturbances, and even motion problems. Being diagnosed whenever possible is essential. The same holds true for CFS and FM, if properly diagnosed, a protocol and drugs can help relieve some of the symptoms. Scmnewline Should you suffer from anxiety attacks, you have to find a doctor who is ready to look for the cause of the symptoms. Starting with your general practitioner is step one. You might also think abouta neurologist and rheumatologist. Do not recognize being dismissed - find a physician who takes you and your symptoms seriously. Scmnewline Remember, knowledge is power and in particular conditions it might mean the difference between life and death. Scmnewline You'll be able to find more Information Regarding Anxiety and Panic Attacks at:
 Anxiety Disorders Association of America
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 This site also offers selfhelp resources related to these health problems a sufferer may use along with appropriate medical care. Scmnewline

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